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$SKULLS 805391210
Twitter @primateskulls

So many rug pulls on TM. The archives are filled with their bones. Just like that skull some scammer said he found in BC, Canada. *Spoiler* Wasn't real, So came our name-- BC Primate Skulls. 

The goal of this project is to collect and analyze data of both short-term and long-game project rugpulls on the TM dex. We also want to create a searchable database of pulls, times and value metrics, and address origins. There is no safe project; however, our hope is to create a tool for digital investors in the Algorand ecosystem to help seperating the plastic skulls from the bone. 

Originally this project began as BC Primate Skulls-- (PRIMES 803247675) As we move for verification, we have moved liquidity from this asset to SKULLS (805391210). All original holders have been reimbursed. Check your wallet if you were an original holder. 

SKULL Holders and poolers, you are now eligible for rewards through The Algo Faucet!

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Tinylock LP addresses:

Tinylock token address: 

BE A SKULL POOLER: Add liquidity! LP holders are eliglible for upcoming rewards!  TM Pool Algo-SKULLS 805408461

Q2 2022- 
Add initial liquidity to TM- ✔️ 
lock 50% of supply in TL for 1  month ✔️ 
lock 50% of  initial liquidity ✔️ 
create discord group ✔️ 
Orignal asset liquidity transfer and compensation for OG holders ✔️ Establish staking/LP with Algo Faucet ✔️ 
Complete Whitepaper 
Begin airdrop and staking announcements
DAO organization and testnet

Q3 2022-

Round 1 toker holder airdrops-
Round 1 LP rewards-
create database and analysis engine

Q4 2022 -
Beta test of engine and dashboard
Round 2 token holder airdrop
Liquidity staking rewards- rewards for adding to database/engine

Home: Project info
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